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Holt House
The Birthplace of Pi Beta Phi

The founding of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity took place at Holt House in Monmouth, Illinois, where two founders — Ada Bruen and Libbie Brook — lived while attending college.

Today, the Monmouth community uses the first floor of Holt House for small weddings, receptions, meetings and social and civil gatherings. The second floor is reserved exclusively for Pi Beta Phi purposes. Nearby Pi Phi chapters and alumnae organizations hold meetings, initiations and ceremonies at Holt House, and there is a library and special displays of materials unique to Pi Phi.

Pi Beta Phi Foundation maintains the Holt House Fund for the purposes of providing funds to operate Holt House throughout the year. Alumnae organizations, chapters and individuals are encouraged to support the Holt House Fund and preserve the historic home where it all began.

Click here to make a gift to Holt House or call (636) 256–1357 for more information.

Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts

After Pi Beta Phi spent more than 50 years educating children in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the county fully assumed responsibility for public education in 1968. The Fraternity redirected its philanthropic focus to literacy through the arts by establishing Arrowmont® School of Arts and Crafts, dedicated in 1970.

Arrowmont became an internationally recognized visual art education center, preserving the arts and crafts of the Smoky Mountains. The site of the original Settlement School, the Teacher’s Dormitory, remains at the northwest corner of the property. Beginning in the late 1980s, Pi Beta Phi recognized the need to expand its literacy philanthropy to become national in scope. At the same time, Arrowmont sought to become more independent and to acquire the majority of its support from the local community as well as corporate and arts funders. The transition began when Arrowmont became separately incorporated in 1991, and today the two organizations remain mutually supportive but legally and operationally independent of each other.

In 2010, the Gatlinburg Study Committee commissioned by Grand Council provided a detailed report with recommendations for the future of the partnership between Pi Beta Phi and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. For the full report, click here.

Pi Beta Phi Foundation remains committed to Pi Beta Phi alumnae interest in Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts through our Arrowmont Fund, which supports the historic preservation of Pi Phi relevant property, as well as special projects.

Click here to make a gift to Arrowmont or call (636) 256–1357 for more information.

2015-2016 Board of Trustees

Pi Beta Phi Foundation is excited to announce its Board of Trustees for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. Effective July 1, 2015, the Foundation welcomes Alabama Gamma Kathy Wager Ewing as a new Trustee. more

Founders' Day Scholarship Donors 2015

Sharon Abeyta-Levey
Jody Morse Al-Saigh
Pat Emens Anderson
Kim Dawn Archuleta
Kathy Wasiele Bach
Mackenzie Baker
Fran DeSimone Becque
Maja Tanaka Berge
Oriana Rebecca Bertucci
Diane M. Bielman
Margie Borges
Roberta Boyd Bragan
Patty Davisson Brown
Susan Marie Bruch
Alison Burcham
Donna Lynn Butterworth
Lise Byars George
Julie Carney
Jill Mackey Carrel
Ashlee Kate Christofferson
Trudy Hartzell Clark
Jan Kincaid Clifford
Melissa Malone Colvin
Stephanie Marie Coomes
Cathy Filson Cooper
Ashley Holmes Corley
Kimberly Sisk Crowe
Eily Cummings
Bethany Sage Curtis
Ali Wampler Cusic
Amy Catherine Dailey
Jamie Feist Daniels
Tara Abbott Davis
Michele Tereschuk Davitt
Natalie Mayo Deak
Alicia Delaney
Constance Dillon
Amy Strickland Dreller
Candace Turner Dressler
Kim Barger Durand
Mary Beth Rhyne Dykes
Shawn Eagleburger
Emory McGinnis Eison
Karen Lee Emberton
Kathy Wager Ewing
Suzette Thompson Farrar
Karen Neely Faryniak
Ellen Frances Ferringer
Laura Judd Fulton
Jeannine Van Wagenen Funk
Carly Miller Giesbrecht
Kelley Golden
Courtney Montle Haller
Margaret Steele Harvey
Kate Collins Hattery-Groskopf
Alison Veit Heafitz
Jane Bony Heiserman
Michelle Katherine Hinkley
Jessica Manning Hooper
Julie Talley Hooton
Laurie Teresa Hoskins
Betty Staggs Huckabay
Brenda Foster Huffman
Brooke A. Hurst
Linda Noel Ibsen
Lexy Janda
Melissa Edmunds Johnson

Gina Garrison Jones

Madalyn Marchman Jones
Maurine Hager Jones
Allie Jostrand
Martha Kaiser Justice
Amy Bader Keirle
Caitlin Pierce Kissee
Kathi Caldwell Kleinman
Rosemary Barczewski
Judy Weltsch Klote
Missy Hatteyer Korduner
Suzanne Gill Kriz
Susan Crane Kyle
Barbara McReynolds LaMaster
Chantel Hagner Lanier
Jessica Donda Ledbetter
Marnie Rae Lee
Carolyn Pavletich Lesh
Margo Wilton Lesser
Sharon Edwards Levey
Patty Baird Link
Janice Worthington Lisko
Vivian Mei Long
Leisa Ebeling Lowrey
Erika Bates Mackey
Rae Wohlhueter Maier
Caroline Majers
Kate Margaret Malloy
Suzanne Malone
Toni Ann Martinovich
Kristen Massey
Betsy West McCune
Ruth Walsh McIntyre
Renee Ross Mercer
Kathleen Ann Meriano
Susan Mertz
Ana Mancebo Miller
Lynda Breyer Miller
Amber Moore
Maria Alberico Morgan
Sarah (Sis) Ruth Mullis
Abby Barnes Nicol
Kim J. OBrien
Kris Woods Olson
Lara Kay Omps-Botteicher
Jill Pampel
Leigh Mossman Pauling
Audrey Miller Pennings
Katie Schwie Perrine
Kelly Zudycki Perry
Rainey Dovlyn Peuse
Amanda Phillips-Haberern
Ann Dudgeon Phy
Kate Blatherwick Pickert
Nancy Fogle Pollard
Lura Jane Powell
Jenny Miller Pratt
Karen Consalus Price
Penny Ann Proctor
Cindy Stringfield Provencher
Jill Tucker Read
Missy A. Reams
Sarah Smith Reynolds
Korinne Hague Rice
Carole Richardson
Tina Lynn Rivard
Susan Kingsley Robinson
Lisa Rede Roman
Catherine Elizabeth Roosevelt
Shannon O'Donnell Ross
Marilyn Smith Rowell
Elizabeth Robbins Salata
Beverly Cregg Schafer
Janelle Schroeder
Sande Elisabeth Schweier
Lisa Gamel Scott
Joanna Sell
Morgan Riley Sexton
Deborah Boyd Sharp
Ann Crigger Shaw
Paula Pace Shepherd
Chanel LaChappa Sheragy
Betsy Beese Sheridan
Elyse Simmerman
Nadia Husbands Smid
Luellen Clymo Smith
Beth Seidelhuber Sordi
Amy Lorenzen Southerland
Leslie Jean Stachowiak
Amy Nobles Stearns
Cara Ballard Sutcliffe
Cindy Rice Svec
Mary Rakow Tanner
Amy Wasserman Tatro
Jacquelyn Marie Tatro
Julie Wightman Taylor
Holly Williams Thomas
Rena Rodeman Thorsen
Carrie Elizabeth Tilley
Mary Alice Classen Tinari
Beth Torres
Lisa Doll Tovar
Jean Nees Tulin
Denise Pierce Turnbull
Jacqueline Vo
Lucy Baker Warner
Carol Inge Warren
Stacey Nicole Warren
Amelia Elizabeth Wenzel
Jennifer Johnson Wenzel
Tracy Beaufort Whitehead
Sally Sewell Wightman
Juli Holmes Willeman
Julie Wisbrock
Lucie Johnson Wisehart
Marla Neelly Wulf
Elisabeth Long Young
Helen Yu
Hayley Ann Zimmerman

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