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Planned Giving

Planned gifts are an expression of your love for your sisterhood. Marianne Reid Wild Society members have made the ultimate gift to ensure the future of
Pi Beta Phi. 

We honor your gift by recognizing you as a member of the Marianne Reid Wild Society, named in honor of the late Grand President Emerita Marianne Reid Wild, who was the first alumna to name the Foundation as the primary beneficiary of her estate. Her bequest still provides educational and leadership programming today. It's an incredible legacy, as are all planned gifts. Large and small, both unrestricted and restricted, planned gifts are critically important to the future of
Pi Beta Phi. Read more about Marianne and her legacy. 

Is there a minimum for a planned or deferred gift?

No.  As with annual support, gifts of any size are welcomed with gratitude.

How do I become a part of the Marianne Reid Wild Society?

To become a member of the Marianne Reid Wild Society, simply notify us you have made a planned or deferred gift to Pi Beta Phi Foundation. This can include:

  • A bequest in your will or estate document
  • A beneficiary designation of an IRA, life insurance policy, retirement plan or charitable trust
  • Other planned gift options, such as a charitable remainder trust

What are the benefits of being a member of the Marianne Reid Wild Society?

  • Special invitation to the May Lansfield Keller Breakfast at convention
  • Invitation to Trustee receptions hosted throughout the year
  • Special listing in Pi Beta Phi Foundation’s Annual Report
  • Special Marianne Reid Wild Society pin

I am not concerned about recognition. Do you still need to know about my gift?

Part of the reason for notifying us you’ve made a deferred gift is so that we can say thank you and recognize you as a planned gift donor. However, the most important reason to notify us of your gift is to be sure we can fulfill your wishes. If you want to endow a scholarship or fund a particular program, there are specific ways in which your will or estate document should be worded, as well as other signed documents we should have on file so we can be sure we are fulfilling your wishes, exactly as you had in mind. 


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Hear from Planned Giving Donors

Read these blog posts from sisters who have made legacy gifts to the Foundation.

Leaving My Legacy - South Carolina Alpha Ruth Walsh McIntyre

The Key to Planned Giving? Get Started. - Iowa Gamma Jenn Plagman-Galvin

Planning for My Future (and Pi Phi's) as a Young Alumna - Indiana Theta Amanda Rychtanek Graf

For more information about planned giving,  call (636) 256–1357 or email

Volunteer for the Foundation

If you are looking for a way to give back to the sisterhood you love, consider being a Foundation volunteer. We are looking for passionate Pi Phis who want to help ensure the future of our sisterhood. more

Tribute Gifts July 1 - September 30, 2016

In memory of Doris Siefarth Amort

Helen Proebstel Swanson

In memory of Patricia Hays Barnett

Cynthia Hazel Carter Bright
Sonia Phipps Brokaw
Carol McKinley Dudley
Nancy Holt Garver
Twyla Willey Kulp

In memory of Rita Bertucci

Barbara McReynolds LaMaster

In memory of Lisa Morrison Bogan

Alexis M. Coleman
South Fairfield County, CT Alumnae Club

In memory of Richard Bowman

Renee Ross Mercer

In memory of Helen Brooks Brashear

Ann Warmack Brookshire
Tyler, TX Alumnae Club

In memory of Brooke Elizabeth Briggs

Carol McKinley Dudley
Michele Robinson Gagliardi

In memory of Mary Lou Agnew Canaday

Palm Springs-Desert Cities, CA Alumnae Club

In memory of Arlene Mazzulla Christen

Barbara Davis Moore

In memory of Julia Ann Consalus

Fran DeSimone Becque
Diane M. Bielman
Lou Ann Montgomery Carter
Jan Kincaid Clifford
Amy Strickland Dreller
Jean Perry Eggerman
Julie McKittrick Engelbrecht
Maurine Hager Jones
Leisa Ebeling Lowrey
Betsy West McCune
Melissa Dates Schmidt
Emily Russell Tarr
Mary Loy Tatum
Carol Inge Warren
Hallee Winnie

In memory of Lou Ann Chase Daldrup

Klaire Kaufman Pirtle

In memory of Geneve Conaway DeLauer

Susan E. Lombardi

In memory of Jean Botsford Dillard

Cascade, OR Alumnae Club

In memory of Cayla Dimaano

Leisa Ebeling Lowrey

In memory of Patricia Thorpe Dolliver

Helen Hyde Harryman

In memory of Martha Bowman Ebeling

Fran DeSimone Becque
Diane M. Bielman
Jan Kincaid Clifford
Melissa Malone Colvin
Amy Strickland Dreller
Kathy Wager Ewing
Laura Judd Fulton
Alison Veit Heafitz
Barbara McReynolds LaMaster
Carolyn Pavletich Lesh
Patricia Baird Link
Betsy West McCune
Carol Inge Warren

In memory of Jeanne McClean Ehekircher

Marlene Brubaker

In memory of Pat Williams Farley

Jennifer Eaton Penland

In memory of Brittany Feldman

Kathy Wager Ewing

In memory of Gene Carr Fenley

John Fenley

In memory of Lois Crumbaker Frazier

Nancy Jo Lefferson Gass

In memory of David Geeting

Carol Inge Warren

In memory of Jeanne Fetter Greenhaw

William K. Greenhaw

In memory of Nancy Wilkinson Hawley

Sally Rowe Jones

In memory of Sarah Hodgdon Henson

Susan Crane Kyle

In memory of Sabrina Kelley

Alabama Beta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi

In memory of Betty Klein

Lynne Nordhoff

In memory of Christopher Lynn Lawson

Carolyn Lauren Banks

In memory of Jean Black Lelek

Edmund V. Lelek

In memory of Cynthia Jones Liebe

Sharon Gladwin Dalrymple
Leslie Willard Dunsworth
Pamela Sabeck Fitzgerald
Susan Cohenour Johnson
Becky Akin Larsen
Carol Sexton Paulk
Sally Minning Shoemaker
Christine Kajikawa Wilkinson

In memory of William Malone

Melissa Malone Colvin

In memory of James Mattioli

Debbie Sun Wang

In memory of Shirley Williams Nebergall

Judy Friend Strohm

In memory of Helen Dowell Powell

Julie Gempel Lindstrom

In memory of Marjorie Purnell

Carolyn Braselton Townsend

In memory of Lu Ann Browning Redman

Vanessa Ann Redman

In memory of Casey Hazel Rose

Lindsey Germono Glodt

In memory of Ellie Turnbull Sassano

MaryMargaret McDonough

In memory of Reece Schwing

Melissa Dates Schmidt

In memory of Marion Appleman Schwinn

Nancy Jo Lefferson Gass

In memory of Gloria Cloud Skade

Patricia Skade Rogers

In memory of Elizabeth Alexander Smith

North San Diego, CA Alumnae Club

In memory of Connie Hasabales Taylor

Sally Minning Shoemaker
Valley of the Moon, CA Alumnae Club

In memory of Emmett Trant

Carol Inge Warren

In memory of Gloria Larsen Wagner

Heather Wilson Miller
Marcia Perry Nix

In memory of Joan Hutchens Wanamaker

Cypress Creek-North West Houston, TX Alumnae Club

In memory of Suzanne Walker Weber

Susan Perry Brockway
Mary Chattin Saunders
Lucy Baker Warner

In memory of William F. Whittom

Fran DeSimone Becque
Leisa Ebeling Lowrey
Renee Ross Mercer
Emily Russell Tarr
Mary Loy Tatum

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