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Q&A with Peg Steffen Sant'Ambrogio

Indiana Epsilon Peg Steffen Sant'Ambrogio

Q: How are you currently active in Pi Phi?
PSS: Currently, I’m Co-Chair of the St. Louis Alumnae Club’s Book Interest Group and also serve on their Nominating Committee. I formerly wrote and mailed the quarterly newsletter and after that was President of the club.

Q: You are also active at Sign of the Arrow. What role do you play there?
PSS: Sign of the Arrow is a renowned needlepoint and gift shop owned and operated by the St. Louis Alumnae Club. The shop is run almost solely by volunteers and has been in business since 1966. I help as a sales volunteer and previously served in several leadership roles on the board. I love Sign of the Arrow not only because of its Pi Phi roots, but because all of our proceeds benefit local charities, including Pi Beta Phi Foundation.

Q: Why do you give back to Pi Beta Phi Foundation?
PSS: When I was a collegian in the 1950s, there was little financial aid available for female students. I was fortunate to be one of five recipients of the largest scholarship given to women at DePauw University. I was extremely grateful to be awarded this scholarship. Thus, I’ve always felt that supporting scholarship investments in women should be part of my “pay it forward” philanthropy goals, both for Pi Phi Foundation and DePauw University. 

Q: The Foundation’s Emma Harper Turner Fund is also important to you. Why?
PSS: One of our Pi Phi songs has the lyric, “Her arms extending in friendship unending, Pi Phi holds out to you.” I believe the Emma Harper Turner Fund, which provides financial assistance to Pi Phis in need, put these lyrics into concrete practice. The fund helps our sisters when they have nowhere else to turn. I’m proud to be a part of something so positive and impactful.

Q: What do you hope for future generations of Pi Phi leaders, including current collegians and the newly graduated?
PSS: I hope young Pi Phis will continue to value our Fraternity’s ideals. Our heritage of courage, integrity, kindness toward others, and the joy of pursuing knowledge can be a steady compass as these women move through future chapters of their lives. As more and more women take leadership roles in government, business, and academia, I hope our young Pi Phis will be in the forefront of this 21st century trend and infuse our Pi Phi ideals into their positions.

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Marilyn Smith Rowell
Melissa Dates Schmidt
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Stephanie Theodora Carlsen

In memory of Robert L. Williams Jr.

Sally Sewell Wightman

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Cleveland East, OH Alumnae Club
Barbara Kidd Vandivier


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In recognition of Sharon Abeyta-Levey

Audrey Sullivan Jacob

In recognition of Jan Kincaid Clifford

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Rena Rodeman Thorsen

In recognition of DC Alpha

Kathy Wager Ewing

In recognition of Elizabeth Beard Deal

St. Louis, MO Alumnae Club

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Jan Kincaid Clifford

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Kathy Wager Ewing

In recognition of Florida Beta

Kathy Wager Ewing

In recognition of Florida Delta

Kathy Wager Ewing

In recognition of Florida Epsilon

Kathy Wager Ewing

In recognition of Betsy Wagman Gaidos

Valley of the Moon, CA Alumnae Club

In recognition of Kathleen Geyer

Virginia Theta

In recognition of Allie Harvey Griffin

Virginia Theta

In recognition of Trisha (Deehring) and Mike Haas

Jan Kincaid Clifford
Betsy West McCune

In recognition of Betty Staggs Huckabay

Betsy West McCune
Shannon O'Donnell Ross

In recognition of Millonn Wilson Lilly

Greater Oklahoma City Alumnae Panhellenic Association

In recognition of Lilly Pulitzer Company

New Jersey Alpha

In recognition of Betsy West McCune

Jan Kincaid Clifford

In recognition of Rebecca Thompson Millwee

Melissa Thompson Harrison

In recognition of Meghan Noble

Ruth Neel Noble

In recognition of Merry Beth Noble

Ruth Neel Noble

In recognition of North Carolina Alpha

Kathy Wager Ewing

In recognition of North Carolina Delta

Kathy Wager Ewing

In recognition of Kim OBrien

Phoenix, AZ Alumnae Club

In recognition of Ohio Alpha's 125th Anniversary

Rae Wohlhueter Maier

In recognition of Ann Dudgeon Phy

Sarah (Sis) Ruth Mullis

In recognition of Pond Elementary School faculty and staff

Katey Newell Hobbs

In recognition of Jenny Miller Pratt

Arizona Beta
Phoenix, AZ Alumnae Club

In recognition of Kelsey Robertson

Peggy and Fred Slater

In recognition of Nancy Carlock Rogers

Sarah (Sis) Ruth Mullis

In recognition of Melissa Dates Schmidt

Rae Wohlhueter Maier

In recognition of Beth Seidelhuber Sordi

Shannon O'Donnell Ross

In recognition of Amy Lorenzen Southerland

Greenville, SC Alumnae Club

In recognition of Jean Nees Tulin

Sarah (Sis) Ruth Mullis
Nancy Mutters Smith

In recognition of Virginia Eta

Kathy Wager Ewing

In recognition of Virginia Gamma

Kathy Wager Ewing

In recognition of Virginia Zeta

Kathy Wager Ewing

In recognition of Wildwood Middle School faculty and staff

Katey Newell Hobbs

In recognition of Betty Traver Zeaman

Joan Adams Avis

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