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Hannah's Story

Indiana Gamma
Hannah Muehlbauer

Hannah Muehlbauer was a leader in her chapter at Butler University (IN Gamma). After her initiation in 2006, she was ready and willing to step forward and be a leader in her chapter. But, finances were a challenge; she was already working four part-time jobs to fund her education. Pi Beta Phi Foundation was there to help. Hannah was awarded the Betty Blades Lofton Scholarship during the 2007-2008 academic year. “Receiving this scholarship let me quit two of my jobs, which allowed me the time to serve my chapter as Chapter President,” Hannah said. Following her year as Chapter President, Hannah also served as the Policy and Standards Board Chairman.

Now a teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina, with Teach for America®, Hannah continues to give back to Pi Beta Phi: first as a member of her local alumnae club, then as AAC advisor for NC Gamma and NC Delta and now, as AAC chairman NC Alpha.

It was during her role as AAC advisor to NC Gamma that Hannah attended the Leadership Academy in St. Louis during the spring of 2010. There, the Foundation announced it was forming a Foundation Ambassadors Council. Once again, Hannah stepped forward to volunteer.

“The Foundation Ambassadors Council is a great job for me,” Hannah said. “I believe it’s important for all Pi Phis to know and understand the Foundation. It’s because of my undergraduate experience that I can share directly just how important the Foundation is to collegians.”

Hannah credits both her scholarship and the leadership programming supported by Pi Beta Phi Foundation as important in her development as a Pi Phi leader, and as a teacher with Teach for America.

“My goal is for every collegian to know all the great things Pi Phi can do for them in college, and after,” Hannah said. “It’s why I support the Fraternity by paying my dues and volunteering on AAC, and it’s why I support the Foundation with my donations and volunteering as a Foundation Ambassador.”

Teach for America® is a trademark of Teach for America, Inc.

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